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Tender and delicious steak that just melts in your mouth, lamb chops like butter, veal to die for, a full line of the best pork around, even Black Angus steak — talk about flavor! All at prices that are easy on the budget. How does Charlie Cannuli do it? He knows the secrets of expert butchery. He chooses just the right meats from his well established purveyors, and demands the highest quality at the lowest prices (which often brings a better cut of meat to his customers at no additional cost: Like Premium Angus Beef instead of plain old chuck). And Charlie will custom cut you a mouth watering fillet steak you will never forget!


If you’ve never shopped here before, or if you haven’t stopped by in a while, you owe it to yourself to come and visit Cannuli’s — they’re better than ever! Cannuli’s has the very freshest meats, the widest variety around, and great value pricing (read: always a deal). It’s a winning combination that you just can’t miss out on. Treat yourself and your family to some really good, really tasty meats . . . and let’s not forget about Cannuli’s poultry store right next door: Freshness you can count on!

On Cannuli’s new, redesigned and vastly improved Website, you will be treated to an abundance of valuable information surrounding the wide variety of meat and poultry products we offer. This is a brand new effort in maintaining a truly satisfied customer, so please bear with us as we continue to complete and enrich this relevant Source of helpful information on purchasing, storing, preparing the meat and poultry products you choose (inluding great recipes! and more).

Masters of the Trade

Concerning the secrets Charlie possesses: Did he drum them up himself? Of course not. His Dad, Charles Sr., who you’ll find behind the counter just about every day, and his Dad, Domenic, before him were masters of the trade in their day (that’s not to say that Charles Sr. couldn’t cut you the very finest without even blinking! Mr. Cannuli wisely handed the business over to his good son) The skill – and the integrity – has been passed down from generation to generation. Cannuli’s has been proudly serving the community since 1927.

They used to call us The House of Pork (some still do). Why? Sure we have a great selection of fresh pork and smoked products, but we also feature our very own, ever-popular Italian seasoned and marinated, oven-ready Roast Pork (it’s out of this world!), our own famous Store-made Sausage, delicious Stuffed Pork Chops, the list goes on. And we specialize in Whole Roasted (or fresh) Pigs: boneless, stuffed to the max, Cannuli-seasoned, and roasted to utter perfection!

Add all of these things up and you’ll know why Cannuli Bros. Quality Meats & Poultry has such a well deserved reputation as an “old school” top quality butcher shop, and has held such a strong following for so many years. Fact is, Cannuli’s is practically a Philadelphia institution! Stop on by and experience the goodness that is Cannuli’s.

Delicious, Health-Wise & Heart Happy

Yet Cannuli’s is big on carrying/making so many of today’s popular “health-wise” and specialty items, such as poultry alternatives to beef and pork, like chicken or turkey chops, our own famous freshly-made Italian turkey sausage (hot or mild — turkey sage sausage, too), turkey kilbasa and Canadian bacon, turkey jerky, even turkey liverwurst, not to mention our marinated cajun chicken breast (spicy!) and boneless and marinated chicken thighs in butter & garlic! I guess you could call Cannuli’s Old School Moderne. The best of the old and new.

Wise consumers know where to go for the best, the freshest, the most flavorful meats — at a bargain. Charlie Jr. is not only a smart businessman serving smart shoppers, Charlie is a real straight shooter . . . with a big heart. He truly cares about his customers, and it shows. This kind of personal care you will not get from the Big Store Meat Department, neither will you find the likes of Charlie Cannuli in other butcher shops. The Cannuli family is the essence of what makes Cannuli’s Quality Meats & Poultry a one-of-a-kind Source for all of your meat and poultry needs and wants.

Experienced and Friendly Service

The supermarkets – forget it!! They hire “box butchers.” Do you really know what you’re getting, or just how fresh (or old) it is? — it’s certainly not what you’ll find here. Our products sell so well that they move too quickly to be anything but the very freshest. And Cannuli’s is easily a cut above it’s competitors. Prove it for yourself. Your taste buds will not lie to you. Once you’ve stopped in and experienced our warm and friendly service (no slackers with an attitude here!) and have taken home some of our delicious foods, we hope to win you as a regular and happy customer.

Read a bit about our history and roots in tradition by clicking here.

And check out our entire Site: It’s easy to navigate and chock full of informative, interesting and immediately useful things (including some great recipes!) that pertain to the storage, preparation and cooking of the meats and poultry you enjoy.

So don’t forget to stop by and say hello to three generations Charles Jr., Charles Sr., and our newest addition Charles Anthony.

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